Fire Warden Training

Fire Warden/Marshal Training


    • By LAW you are compelled to have competent Fire Wardens/Marshal in your building/offices in Essex & London. Penalties and consequences for non-compliance include Criminal Prosecution, Prison, Fines, Refusal of Insurance Companies to pay Claims, Business Collapse, Lack of Defence to Civil Actions and the Endangering of the lives of your staff.


    • All types of businesses can benefit from our essential fire training – offices, shops, railway premises, factories, construction sites, industrial facilities, hotels, nursing and residential care homes, schools, hospitals, etc.

OBJECTIVES- On completion of the Fire Warden/Marshal Training will be competent in the following:

    • Responsibilities of the Fire Warden/Marshal Training
    • Building Construction, Relevant Law, Built-in fire protection within buildings
    • Introduction to the new Fire Reform Act
    • Actions on hearing a Fire Alarm
    • Evacuation procedures including Fire muster points and roll calls
    • Fire Safety Checks, Reasons for Combustion,
    • Types of Fire (Classification of Fire)
    • Fire Spread
    • Arson Prevention
    • Human Behavior
    • Safety Signs
    • Fire Extinguishers (correct type, ENS3 Regulations)
    • Limitations and Capabilities of Extinguishing media
    • Your own company procedures can be built into the course.

DURATION – Four hours

Training can be delivered at your premises, however, additional costs may apply

For up to 12 delegates